About us

CDI Foundation seeks to develop design standards that create human-centric and inclusive AI Assistants. In this journey, we are guided by our core principles.

Our core principles


We are an open community, where all industry stakeholders can voice their opinions so that our standards can have the most impact.


We are programmatic in our approach and seek to make progress towards developing industry standards every day.


We are transparent in everything that we do. We have public events and publish our progress for everybody to read.


We are collaborative within our foundation and in how we work with other institutions.


We are inclusive and strive to have a diverse advisory board that has representatives of all stakeholders.

Initiated by Conversation Design Institute

CDI Foundation is initiated by Conversation Design Institute, world’s leading training and certification institute for creating human-centric AI Assistants.

Conversation Design Institute initiated the foundation because it realized the industry needs a body that goes beyond commercial goals and seeks to develop industry standards that benefit the industry as a whole.

By working together, we can develop the standards that advance the industry.

Want to support CDI Foundation and find a way to contribute?

Supporting CDI Foundations helps accelerate the adoption of human-centric, inclusive, and empathetic standards for designing conversational AI Assistants.