How to become a member

Join and participate

To create human-centric AI Assistants at scale, it’s important that the industry is aligned on conversation design standards. The best way for you to help accelerate this adoption, is by joining CDI Foundation. This creates awareness, adoption, and generates the funds that help us do research, develop standards, and give out scholarships.

4 ways to contribute

Become a sponsoring member

Sponsor the foundation and its projects, help create awareness, expand knowledge and join the stage on our events with inspiring talks. 

Become a friend

Support the manifesto, donate one scholarship, and become a friend of CDI Foundation.

Contribute to a project

Everybody can contribute to projects at CDI Foundation. You can do research, be part of discussions, validate deliverables in your community, or simply present your questions to the committee.

    Support the manifesto

Join by signing the manifesto and supporting the foundation, the website, and its projects. Add your logo to our community and link to us from your website.

Membership packages

The sponsorship tier breakdown for the CDI Foundation Membership is as follows:


$10.000 p.a.


$25.000 p.a.


$50.000 p.a.

* Sponsoring Memberships are for tech companies and enterprises only. If you would like to become individually involved with the CDI Foundation, we invite you to become a Friend of the CDI Foundation.

Friends of the CDI foundation

Friends of the CDI Foundation are the small companies and independent practitioners engaged in Conversational AI, who support our mission. Friend status requires volunteer participation in the work of the CDI Foundation and the signing of our Manifesto. The yearly donation consists of the price for at least one scholarship ($1.749). Of course your logo will be on our sponsor and friends page.

Friend of the Foundation

$ 1.749 p.a

Accountability of funds

We like to be transparent about how CDI Foundation funds are used.

Although most research is done by volunteering community members, there are still costs involved when it comes to travel, tools, and time.

CDI Foundation is proud to award scholarships to people entering this exciting field. These scholarships are financed by your contributions.

This event brings together and celebrates all people working in Conversational AI. This is where CDI Foundation presents research and where people come to learn from each other.

Why join?

By joining CDI Foundation, you are helping create a strong community of professionals that is passionate about human-centric and inclusive AI Assistants. This helps the industry as a whole.


Advance the industry you care about


Get inspired by likeminded people


Be involved with research

The future of conversational AI design is here. Join us and apply.