The CDI Foundation scholarships

AI Assistants are a reflection of the people that create them. 

If we want them to be inclusive and human-centric, then a diverse group of people should be creating them. 

However, not everybody has the means to get skilled up and enter the field independently.

The CDI Foundation Scholarships make it easier for people to enter the industry. If you have the right background and motivation, then you may qualify for a scholarship that is financed by our community members.

Our scholarships are funded by Partners and Friends of The CDI Foundation.

What is CDI Foundation scholarship?

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What do we look for?

   Highly motivated

Scholarships are awarded to people who can clearly articulate why they want a career in Conversational AI and why they deserve a scholarship. We are looking for people who have strong intrinsic motivation and aspirations in the field.

   Financially eligible

Scholarships are awarded based on both merit and financial need. We aim to provide opportunities to students who might not have access to this education otherwise.

   Underrepresented in Conversational AI

The ideal candidate will belong to a group that is currently underrepresented in the field. We seek to support an increasingly diverse community in Conversational AI because we know that diversity of thought doesn’t happen without diversity of representation.

Our Featured Scholars

Karen Dela Cruz Siu

Conversation Designer a.i. at Johnson & Johnson


The scholarship gave me an excellent opportunity to gain additional knowledge regarding AI training and Copywriting, which has helped me become a more all-rounded conversation designer

Paul de Lange

Owner, CAI & CXD Specialist at


CDI's in-depth knowledge about all that is Conversation Design and CAI is simply astonishing. Acquiring a CDI certificate will prepare you for all there is to know to (jump)start your career in Conversation Design.

Malin Svensson

Conversation Designer & Chat Strategist at Hook & Hold


It's been incredibly valuable to tap into the experience and workflow of the experts at CDI. They cover high-level concepts all Conversation Designers need to understand, and I loved the level of detail in their examples.

Laura Petre

Freelance UX Product designer


I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for the great news and for making this scholarship possible. I'm so grateful for your generous support of my education and for this amazing scholarship. I know this is one of those events that will change my life for the better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity and for helping me continue my journey!

What we provide

Human-centric AI Assistants are consistent in tone of voice and personality to advance trust.

How to apply

Steps to apply


An eligible candidate…

Selection criteria

An ideal candidate…

Note: Scholarship funding is limited and meeting the requirements for a scholarship does not guarantee selection.

Level up your career and apply for your scholarship here.

Note: Scholarship funding is limited and meeting the requirements for a scholarship does not guarantee selection.